Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

JYF Advisory Committee

Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris program is honored to have these distinguished professors and study abroad professionals as advisors:

Amherst College, Professor Paul Rockwell

Brandeis University, Scott Van Der Meid

College of Wooster, Professor Harry Gamble

Denison University, Professor Christine L. Armstrong

Georgetown University, Professor Deborah Lesko Baker

Haverford College, Professor David Sedley

Hood College, Professor Didier Course

Kenyon College, Professor Mary Jane Cowles

Lafayette College, Professor George M. Rosa

Mount Holyoke College, Professor Christopher Rivers

Northwestern University, Professor Doris L. Garraway

Rice University, Professor Deborah H. Nelson-Campbell, Chair

Sweet Briar College,  JYF Director, Marie Grée

Sweet Briar College,  JYF Associate Director, Juliette Monet

Sweet Briar College, Professor Angelo Metzidakis

University of Miami, Professor Alexandra Perisic

University of Southern California, Professor Atiyeh Showrai

University of Virginia, Professor Ari Blatt

Washington and Lee University, Professor John A. Lambeth

Wellesley College, Professor Scott E. Gunther

Wheaton College [MA], Professor Jonathan Walsh

Williams College, Professor Brian Martin