Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

Program Cost

Fees for 2016-17

Fall 2016 semester:                                                          Note: Financial aid and scholarships are available.
Group flight               $1,400
Tuition                     $13,000                                                Fees for 2017-2018 academic year coming soon.
Room and board         $8,300
Medical Insurance          $350
Total:                      $23,050

Academic year 2016-17:
Tuition                    $24,000
Room and board        $17,000
Medical Insurance          $700
Total:                      $43,100

Spring 2017:
Tuition                    $12,000
Room and board         $9,000
Medical Insurance          $350
Total:                      $21,350

Every effort is made to keep the cost of JYF as low as rising prices and foreign exchange rates permit.

The fees for the next year will be announced in February and will depend on the exchange value of the dollar at the time. This fee will then be guaranteed and will not be subject for increases or rebates arising from exchange rate fluctuations.

The fee covers:

  • Round-trip air transportation (group departure) from Washington, DC to Paris (fall and year only), bus travel from Paris to Tours and Tours to Paris, and baggage handling from Washington, DC to Paris (fall semester)
  • Tuition for courses receiving academic credit, and full or partial fees for Ateliers in studio art, dance, etc. receiving academic credit
  • Medical insurance and personal liability while abroad
  • In Tours (for full-year and fall semester students):
    • Room and demi-pension (breakfast and dinner seven days a week) for approximately two weeks
  • In Paris:
    • Room for approximately eight months (for full-year students), or four and a half months (for fall and spring semester students)
    • Demi-pension (breakfast seven days a week and dinner six days a week), except during Christmas and spring vacations
    • Group excursions to Loire Valley chateaux, Mont Saint Michel (for full-year and spring semester students), trips to the South of France and Versailles (for full-year and fall semester students), various day trips and several social events

The fee does not cover:

  • Round-trip airfare to France (spring only)
  • Books and academic supplies
  • Independent art and music instruction which does not result in college credit
  • Studio and piano rentals
  • Travel insurance
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Excess baggage fees (more than 1 bag)

Other Expenses

Estimate of Other Expenses
Expenses Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Meals not included in fee $3,600 $1,700 $2,000
Books and academic supplies $600 $300 $300
Public transportation in Tours and Paris $630 $400 $400
Passport, photographs, visa, residency permit fee, etc. $350 $300 $300
Additional personal expenses and trips $3,600 $1,600 $2,000
Total $8,780 $4,300 $5,000

The above estimate of expenses not included in the JYF program fee is based on the following exchange rate: 1€=$1.12. It excludes vacation travel, telephone bills and major purchases.

As a convenience to parents, Sweet Briar College has made arrangements with Tuition Management Systems to facilitate payment terms. Information about this payment plan is available from the JYF office.

Some colleges and universities will collect fees for JYF and forward them to the Virginia office. Their schedule of payments may be slightly different from the above. They may add various fees payable by students away for the year in order for them to remain enrolled.


Students must check with their home college or university to inquire about payment procedures.

Deposits, tuition fees, and other payments may be submitted via personal check or online using a debit card, credit card or e-check.

To pay online:

Payment Schedule for 2016-17

Academic Year
Upon Acceptance $650
July 1 $22,000
December 1 $20,450
(remaining balance)

Fall Semester
Upon Acceptance $650
July 1 $22,400

Spring Semester
Upon Acceptance $650
December 1 $20,700

Refunds for 2016-17

Refunds are made only when withdrawal is requested by JYF or the student’s home college for academic reasons or reasons of health.

Academic Year
Withdrawal Prior to April 1 $600
Withdrawal Prior to June 1 $250
Withdrawal After July 1, but Before August 15 $10,500
Withdrawal After August 15 No Refund

Fall Semester
Withdrawal Prior to April 1 $600
Withdrawal Prior to June 1 $250
Withdrawal After July 1, but Before August 15 $10,500
Withdrawal After August 15 No Refund

Spring Semester
Withdrawal Prior to November 15 $250
Withdrawal After December 1, but Before December 15 $10,500
Withdrawal After December 15 No Refund