Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

Scholarships and Financial Aid

JYF Scholarships

Each year Sweet Briar College-JYF in Paris is able to give $60,000-$90,000 in scholarships and additional financial aid to students studying on our program. The JYF Scholarship is intended to help students defray the costs of studying in Paris with JYF. Scholarship awards may range from $500-$4,000 per semester depending on assessed need. All accepted students are eligible but priority will be given to students with demonstrated need. Students currently receiving financial aid at their home institution must provide documentation from their Financial Aid Office.

Consideration will be based upon both need and merit, as determined by students’ financial aid status, academic records, references, essay, and other information included in the scholarship application and the program application.


Please submit the scholarship application along with your online JYF in Paris application by the following deadlines:

  • March 15 — Fall semester and year programs
  • October 15 — Spring semester programs


JYF Financial Aid

Federal regulations permit students on approved study abroad programs to apply for Federal financial aid through their home college or their host (study abroad) college. For financial aid purposes an approved program is one approved for credit by the student’s home institution. Sweet Briar College, however, will not process Federal financial aid (Pell grants, Stafford loans, etc.) for students from other institutions.

The student’s home college will normally process the federal financial aid application.Your first step should, therefore, be to contact the Financial Aid Office at your home institution to inquire about the procedure and submit the necessary financial aid forms.

Eligible students needing additional assistance or whose college’s aid funds do not transfer to study abroad, may apply to JYF by submitting the documentation indicated in the JYF financial aid instructions below. Financial aid recipients may be eligible for additional fnancial aid funds from Sweet Briar College-JYF in Paris upon determination by Sweet Briar College’s Financial Aid office.


Please carefully review the JYF financial aid instructions and return the required documentation to JYF in Paris by March 15 for fall/full year applicants or October 15 for spring applicants.

A complete application must include:

  • Electronic FAFSA submitted to Sweet Briar College – 003742 (not paper)
  • Copy of Student’s most recent year’s IRS Tax Transcript – [if you filed]
  • Copy of Parents’ most recent year’s IRS Tax Transcript
  • Copy of your College’s adjusted Financial Aid offer for the term (semester or year) in which you will study with JYF in Paris.

You should check with your financial aid office about other potential soures of financing.

All required dpocumentation is due to JYF by:
March 15 for fall/full year applicants
October 15 for spring applicants