Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

Student Ambassadors

If you are returning to your home college after studying in France with JYF, you may want to be a Student Ambassador and help us promote our program among your peers.


  • Organizing two events per semester at your home institution. One of these events can be the study abroad fair organized by your school. The other event can be anything that you think may appeal to prospective students: a crêpe night, a multimedia presentation about your experiences, etc. …
  • Being the point person at your home institution for prospective students who inquire about the program.

Personality Traits and Skills

The ideal JYF Student Ambassador is an individual who:

  • has a high sense of responsibility, reliability and maturity;
  • has the ability to communicate well and to address prospective students’ concerns, expectations, goals, etc. with regards to their study abroad plans;
  • is dynamic, creative and resourceful;
  • can work independently and take initiatives;
  • has good organizational and leadership skills; and
  • is enthusiastic about her/his experiences in France and passionate about encouraging others to study with JYF!

Benefits include the opportunity to:

  • Share your stories, enthusiasm, and inspiration with others
  • Reflect on your experience in Paris while helping others plan theirs
  • Encourage others to have the transformative experience abroad that you had
  • Enhance your leadership, teamwork and communications skills through event planning and on-campus presentations
  • Make new friends and have fun!

Duration of Assignment

The initial commitment is for one semester, but you can reapply every semester until you graduate.

What We Offer

  • A stipend of $75 per semester
  • Cost of expenses to organize events
  • Business cards with the student ambassador’s name and contact information

If you are interested in being a JYF Student Ambassador, contact Juliette Monet at jmonet@sbc.edu. We look forward to welcoming you back as a member of the program!