Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

The Program

JYF provides students from colleges and universities around the U.S. the opportunity to increase their competency in the French language, while allowing them to elect courses that fit their academic goals. The program gives students the independence to explore and experience “la vie à la parisienne” while providing the individualized guidance, advising and support needed for academic success, linguistic proficiency and global citizenship.

Why Choose JYF?

  • Academic year or semester in Paris
  • True immersion in French university and family life
  • Course options in a wide variety of disciplines from the social sciences, humanities, economics, and management to the arts, and sciences.
  • Direct enrollment in four Paris universities, several institutes of higher education, a selection of JYF in-house courses, and arts studios: Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, Université de Paris IV-Paris-Sorbonne, Université de Paris VII-Denis Diderot, and Université Paris-Dauphine.
  • Individualized advising and support, special tutorial sessions available.
  • Emphasis on maximizing your French language skills in classes and everyday life.
  • Internships for credit (spring semester only).
  • Volunteer Teaching Assistantships in French schools.
  • Group activities and Excursions in Paris and throughout France.
  • Carefully selected host family housing. (Independent living option available).
  • All inclusive fees
  • Generous scholarships and financial aid


Since 1948, more than 7,300 students representing 280 colleges and universities have been enrolled in the JYF program.