Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

The Program

JYF in Paris is an advanced academic immersion study abroad program in Paris, France. Available as a semester (fall or spring) or academic year program, JYF aims to provide opportunities for students to expand their international perspective, cultivate their French language skills, and live like a native while taking courses in their major within the French university system.

Why Choose JYF?

  • Academic year or semester in Paris
  • True immersion in French university and family life
  • Course options in a wide variety of disciplines from the social sciences, humanities, economics, and management to the arts, and sciences.
  • Direct enrollment in four Paris universities, several institutes of higher education, a selection of JYF in-house courses, and arts studios: Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, Université de Paris IV-Paris-Sorbonne, Université de Paris VII-Denis Diderot, and Université Paris-Dauphine.
  • Individualized advising and support, special tutorial sessions available.
  • Emphasis on maximizing your French language skills in classes and everyday life.
  • Internships for credit (spring semester only).
  • Volunteer Teaching Assistantships in French schools.
  • Group activities and Excursions in Paris and throughout France.
  • Carefully selected host family housing. (Independent living option available).
  • All inclusive fees
  • Generous scholarships and financial aid


Since 1948, more than 7,200 students representing 280 colleges and universities have been enrolled in the JYF program.