Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris


Each semester begins with an in-depth orientation to Paris and the French university system and helps prepare students for life in the city and as a student in France. During the semester, the French-only courses are supplemented with individualized advising and support for students and special tutorial sessions are available for selected courses.

The program curriculum includes a wide variety of disciplines from the social sciences, humanities, economics, and management to the arts, and sciences.

JYF in Paris students may take a combination of courses including:

  • Direct enrollment in one of four Paris universities (Paris III, Paris IV, Paris VI, and Dauphine)
  • Private institutes of higher education such as The Institut Catholique and several language, music, dance and arts studios;
  • A selection of JYF in-house courses taught exclusively for the JYF students.

JYF students may take 4-5 units per semester (a unit corresponds to a 3 hour semester course) depending on your home school’s requirements. Prior to departure, students research and select courses for a Tentative Program of Study in consultation with the student’s advisor. Upon arrival in France individual, meetings are held with the Program Director to discuss academics for the semester and finalize course selections and enrollment.