Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

Internships and Teaching Assistantships

JYF Internships

Internships offer the opportunity to gain professional international experience while studying abroad! JYF offers a wide variety of internships in many different areas to students attending the program spring semester. Internships are not required as part of the program, but are credit bearing and are offered in lieu of one course. Due to time constraints, they are only available during the spring semester, not in the fall.

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“My internship at Lobster Film was a good addition to my C.V., but more important was that I learned more about French culture than I had in a classroom.”

— Sophia Gant, Haverford College

Volunteer Teaching Assistantships

JYF provides the opportunity to volunteer at French schools in Paris as a teacher’s assistant in the classroom. Students have taught English or organized special projects such as theatre productions in primary or high schools. Teaching Assistantships are available both semesters and teaching assistants typically volunteer 2 to 4 hours per week.

Joan Zekan