Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

JYF Internships

Internships offer the opportunity to gain professional international experience while studying abroad! JYF offers a wide variety of internships in many different areas to students attending the program spring semester. Internships are not required as part of the program, but are credit bearing and are offered in lieu of one course. Due to time constraints, they are only available during the spring semester, not in the fall.

Interns benefit from:

  • Instructions and coaching about resume writing in French.
  • Individual meetings to discuss their interests and what they hope to gain from the internship.
  • JYF will schedule interviews and accompany students to the job sites.

Internship requirements:

  • Work at the placement site for a maximum of 12 to 15 hours a week and be able to integrate the work for the internship into their academic schedule.
  • Students are required to take a minimum of three academic courses in addition to the internship.
  • Attend preparatory meetings during the month of January with the JYF internship coordinator including: Individual meetings to assess student’s interests and goals for the internship; Instruction and coaching on resume writing in French; Participation in interviews and visits to the job sites.
  • Attend individual meeting every 2 weeks to examine cultural differences and address problems in the workplace.
  • Write a 15-page paper (in French) about the internship experience and give an oral presentation to other fellow JYF interns at the end of the semester. Graded by the program director.
  • The internship must be taken for a grade and the grade will be determined based on a combination of the internship paper, the oral report, evaluation of the on-site Director, and attendance at the required internship course meetings. One unit of credit (three semester hours) is granted for the internship, offered in lieu of one course.

Internship application:

Interested students will apply for an internship as part of the JYF application. The JYF internship application requires approval from your home school’s study abroad office.

Opportunities in the following fields:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Culinary
  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Multimedia
  • NGO
  • Press Relations and Communication
  • Politics

Previous Internships

“My internship at the UMP gave me an inside pass into a foreign political party. I quickly grew to more deeply understand the French political system and its role as a cultural institution, which in turn allowed me to better integrate myself in my Parisian surroundings. I read speeches, attended weekly press conferences and became part of the presidential process by working on specialized projects. Several people with whom I worked have become deputies in the Assemblée Nationale. The highlight of my experience was a pass to UMP’s ‘soirée électorale’. My internship allowed me access into a part of French life that simply being a student cannot provide.” — Washington University student, spring 2007

“My internship at Lobster Film was a good addition to my C.V., but more important what that I learned more about French culture than I had in a classroom.” — Haverford College student, spring 2015

“Thanks to Junior Year in France, I had the opportunity to intern at Institut Alfred Fournier, one of the leading institutes of infectious diseases in France. At the institute, I integrated into a French medical environment and learned much about the scientific basis of HIV testing in France and in the United States. In addition, by working with the biological technicians and the doctors, I saw how a laboratory functions in France and how French medical professionals interact with each other. I enjoyed and appreciated this challenge and the unique experience in a French laboratory.” — Connecticut College student, spring 2006

“My experience at Univers du Bronze was fantastic! I recommend this internship not only to students who are interested in the art world, but also to those who want to immerse themselves in a Parisian cultural enterprise.” — Haverford College student, spring 2015