Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

Paris Lecture Series

Each year JYF in Paris presents lectures for students, alumni of the program, and host families.

The Lectureship is presented through the generosity of the Bradt Family Fund. The Fund is an endowment of JYF, which supports multi-disciplinary lectures and receptions in France with contemporary French thought leaders. These activities, offered during the academic year, are intended to advance mutual understanding between members of the university community — notably the students of JYF, University of Paris, and alumni of these institutions.

Phoebe Bradt Lectureship

The Phoebe Bradt Lectureship takes its name from Phoebe W. Bradt — 20th Century businesswoman, educator, environmentalist, political activist and naturalist — who immersed herself in French education and business in Paris in the 1920s. Her values were honorable, humane, and enduring. Her legacy is that of a role model for engagement in contemporary issues of consequence in the modern world. She will be remembered for nourishing the human spirit by unequivocally savoring and sharing life and all of its wonderful gifts.

Patricia G. Nichols Lectureship

The Patricia G. Nichols Lectureship takes its name from Patricia G. Nichols — 20th century businesswoman, equestrian, and educator — who immersed herself lifelong in French arts and literature. She cherished French literary realism and naturalism with particular joy in the works of Flaubert and Zola.

Lectures have been given by:

October 2010 — Rony Brauman, former President of Médecins Sans Frontières

March 2011 — Philippe Labro, journalist and author of several books, including L’étudiant étranger

November 2011 — Robert Pitte, former President of Université Paris-Sorbonne

March 2012 — Véronique Mattiussi, Documentalist at the Musée Rodin

November 2012 — Marion Gaillard and Nicholas Rousselier, Professors at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris

March 2013 — Martin Hirsch, former President of Emmaüs France and current President of the Civil Service Agency in France and abroad

November 2013 — Elyane Dezon-Jones, Professor emeritus at Washington University

March 2014 — Serge Bromberg, President of Lobster Films

April 2016 — Jean-Luc Fromental, Scriptwriter, Director of the Collection Denoël Graphic and Marcelino Truong, Illustrator, Author, and Painter 

February 2017 — Marion Gaillard, professor and author; Nora Philippe, auteure, réalisatrice et productrice; and Martine Ferry-Grand, school principal

March 2018 – Panel discussion on “Women’s free speech: from #metoo to #balancetonporc” with Marcela Iacub, legal historian, Vincent Tolédano, journalist and lawyer and Azadeh Kian, Professor of sociology

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