Sweet Briar College JYF in Paris

Orientation, Advising and Support


The semester begins with an in-depth orientation to Paris and the French university system to help prepare students for life in the city and as a student in France. The two-week fall orientation includes practical training in French composition, translation and conversation as well as cultural activities and excursions including a three-day stay in a gîte in a Château in the Loire Valley to visit museums and historical landmarks. A recommendation for one unit of credit is made (equivalent to a semester course) for those who successfully complete the intensive orientation session in the fall. Spring semester orientation is one week, due to the earlier start of the university of Paris and no credit is offered for the spring orientation session.

During orientation, JYF staff provide individualized advising to students in planning their academic calendar and living arrangements in Paris.


During the semester, the French-only courses are supplemented with individual academic advising and special tutorial sessions are available for designated courses. JYF staff are always available for individual assistance to students on academic, health, or personal matters.