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Bearers of American Passports

In order to remain longer than 90 days, anyone planning to study in France must have a long-term student visa. Once you have your passport, there are two important steps to obtaining your visa:

How to Apply for a Visa

  1. Campus France
    Campus France is a service provided by the Embassy of France to Americans and U.S. residents who wish to pursue higher studies in France. It is required to register online with Campus France before applying for a long-term student visa at the French Consulate. YOU SHOULD REGISTER AS SOON AS YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE JYF PROGRAM. Student visas are also required for International students studying in the USA (unless they have a EU passport):

    • who would like to pursue higher studies in France,
    • who plan on spending more than 3 months in France for their studies.

    There is a cost to apply to Campus France, so please see their website for the current fee. After completing the online registration, one must send the fee with a money order, a photocopy of the money order, AND a copy of the acceptance letter from JYF to Campus France (see website for address).

  2. The French Consulate
    Once you receive a confirmation message from Campus France, you should make a visa appointment online at the French Consulate. Please note that students may apply to the consulate that serves the state of their permanent home address or the consulate that serves the state where their college/university is based. However, Campus France will assign you to a specific consulate in your confirmation email. To determine where you have to apply for a student visa, please see the table at right. You can access their websites here.Important: Keep copies of all documents that you send to obtain a visa.Please note:

    • You should not apply for the visa more than three months before your departure (although you may ask for the forms and the requirements earlier). Therefore, if you are an American citizen, do NOT send your application before May 20 or Oct. 10 for spring semester students (based on 2015-16 dates).
    • You may not apply for your visa until you have your passport and three important documents which you will receive from the JYF office. (These will be sent to you as soon as we have secured proof of admission from the Paris universities):
      • Certificate of registration in a Paris University,
      • Notarized statement of Financial Guarantee, and
      • Letter of confirmation that you will be covered by the JYF in Paris (Sweet Briar College) medical and accident insurance.
    • Consult the information provided by the French Consulate to ensure you have the proper application forms. Each consulate’s requirements are different, so be sure to read through them carefully.
    • All consulates will require that you appear in person to apply for your visa. Fees may also vary and must be paid via money order or certified check. Check the correct amount you should remit for the fee (this fee is in addition to the Campus France fee).
    • JYF cannot be responsible for problems that arise if you enter France without a visa or with the wrong visa.
    • It is impossible to secure a student visa once you have entered France.
    • Bring your college/university student ID with you to your visa appointment if you are going to the consulate that oversees where your college/university is based.
    • Print two documents from Campus France to bring to the visa appointment:
      1. the email stating your Campus France fee has been processed, and
      2. the email stating your Campus France application has been processed.

You will be asked to complete the application in French. Refer to a sample application below for reference:

Paris Sample Visa Application

After Receiving Your Visa

As soon as you receive your visa:

  • Send a copy to the Virginia office of JYF.
  • Keep a copy at home.
  • Take a copy to France. (You should also take with you the documents you submitted to receive your visa and which were returned to you. You will notice that your visa may contain a statement to the effect that “The Consul General of France wishes to remind you that this visa does not in itself grant you the right to enter French territory. It is necessary that you carry the documents used to obtain the visa with you at all times. Border authorities may request that you show these documents upon entry to France. Inability to produce them may prevent you from entering the country.”)
Visa de Long Séjour

You might be required to complete a form, Visa de Long Séjour-Demande d’Attestation OFII, which will be processed by the consulate and returned to you with your passport and visa. Bring this form with you to France, but DO NOT complete the lower part of the form nor send it to the OFII before your arrival in France. The offices of JYF in Paris act as the liaison between the OFII and our students to ensure the successful completion of the visa process in France.

You might be required to have a medical examination in France, for which you will be responsible. If your visa is stamped “dispense temporaire de carte de séjour,” you do not need to complete the form with OFII or have the medical exam. This will be explained upon arrival in France.

Bearers of Non-American Passports

Bearers of non-American passports should call the French Consulate for special requirements. Because of eventual delays they should begin their visa application early (the French Consulate recommends that they do so at least three months before the departure date i.e., May 20 or Oct. 10 for spring semester students) and check with their own consulates with regard to visas for France and travel in Europe outside of France. Students who will travel on passports issued by France, another European Union country, or Switzerland, Andorra, the Holy See, San Marin and Liechtenstein, do not need visas to study in France; if they have dual nationality, they must secure two passports, one from the European country (to enter France), the other from the United States (to return to the U.S.).

Non-American students who need to apply for their visa at a French consulate in the U.S. should fill out question 19 of the application form and indicate the details of their Green Card, their U.S. visa, or their refugee document.