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Bienvenue à JYF in Paris!

JYF is an advanced academic immersion study abroad program in Paris, France. Available as a semester (fall or spring) or academic year program, our aim is to provide opportunities for students to expand their international perspective, cultivate their French language skills, and live like a native while taking courses in their major within the French university system.

The JYF Paris staff, office, and classrooms are located at Reid Hall in the lovely and central 6th arrondissement of Paris, just a short walk from the Luxembourg Gardens and Montparnasse. JYF is open to undergraduate students in good standing at any accredited U.S. institution of higher learning who meet the requirements in French.

Hear the student perspective on the program, life in Paris, excursions, internships, host families, and classes on the JYF YouTube channel!


Institut de Touraine

Institut de Touraine

Students studying in Paris for the academic year or fall semester will attend a two-week orientation session held in Tours at the Institut de Touraine followed by one-week orientation in Paris. Spring semester is a one-week orientation and will be held at the JYF office in Paris.

The preliminary orientation session is an introduction to the French way of life. It provides practical knowledge of the language so students can readily use it in their studies and initiates students to academic life in France.

At the Ferme du Cabri au Lait during fall orientation 2015

At the Ferme du Cabri au Lait during a fall 2015 orientation excursion

The session includes:

  • Practical training in composition, translation and conversation.
  • A meeting with JYF staff to plan the academic calendar and living arrangements in Paris.
  • Cultural experiences such as visits to museums and historical landmarks in the Loire Valley (Tours orientation only).

A recommendation for one unit of credit is made (equivalent to a semester course) for those who successfully complete the intensive orientation session for the yearlong program. There is no credit offered for the spring orientation session.


Students with a variety of majors from business, sciences, and the arts may take courses within their respective fields while studying abroad with JYF. All courses are taught in French and students are expected to choose a minimum of four courses with the assistance of on-site advisors providing individual consultation.

JYF students may choose from a combination of:

  • JYF Courses — JYF courses, taught by university professors, are designed for and offered exclusively to JYF students.
  • French University Courses — An extensive variety of courses in the sciences, math, business, arts and humanities are available at three Paris universities of the Sorbonne (III, IV, VII), the Catholic Institute, and other institutes of higher learning. JYF students are registered as regular students at the different Paris universities and do the same work as their French counterparts.

The size of JYF allows our experienced American and French staff to give personal attention to every student who needs it and JYF makes every effort to provide group or individual tutoring sessions with our “consultants.”

More information about academics and university courses is available on the JYF Paris Courses page.


JYF provides the opportunity to volunteer in a classroom as a teacher’s assistant in addition to one’s studies.

There are many positions in various French schools in Paris where the year and semester students have the opportunity to assist French teachers of English. Teaching assistants typically volunteer 2 to 4 hours per week.


The Paris Internship Program is an opportunity to simultaneously gain international field experience and earn academic credit! Previous internships have been in fields such as art, medicine, politics, journalism, and education. Internships replace one academic course and are only available to students on the program spring semester. Please see the Internships in Paris page for more details.

Excursions & Cultural Focus

In Lyon during a program excursion, 2016

JYF organizes one weekend trip per semester and several day excursions to places of cultural interest. The weekend is usually spent in Avignon, in the south, at the D-Day beaches, Mont Saint-Michel and Normandy region, or in Strasbourg, the capital city of the Alsace region in northeast France.

The JYF Paris staff also arranges other cultural events and excursions in and around Paris throughout the semester, such as a:

  • Tour of the Opéra Bastille,
  • Seine River cruise,
  • Guided tour of the Louvre,
  • Visit to the catacombs, and
  • Day trips to Reims and the Pommery champagne caves.

Living Arrangements

For the best results in language improvement and cultural advantages, students will be lodged in selected French homes in Tours (fall and academic year orientation) and Paris, where they can hear and speak French and be exposed to French life and customs.

In Paris families are located in Paris proper, not in the suburbs, with the exception of Neuilly and Boulogne, two of the better districts easily accessible by metro or bus.

Requests for independent living arrangements must be made at the time of application or as soon as possible afterwards. The cost of housing will be deducted from the total cost, if independent.

Students live with host families on a demi-pension basis (breakfast 7 days a week and dinner 6 days a week). Room and board is provided until the end of semester or the day after the student’s last examination if later.